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Celtic Renewables Podcasts


We’ve collaborated with The Angel Nest Podcast to present a series of insightful episodes delving into the world of Celtic Renewables.

Known for partnering with a diverse range of companies, The Angel Nest Podcast offers listeners a glimpse into the inner workings of businesses.

In our Celtic Renewables Podcast series, we were privileged to be joined by an excellent lineup. Leading the discussions were David Hemenway, the visionary behind The Angel Nest, and Mark Simmers, the CEO of Celtic Renewables. Joining them were pivotal figures including our early investor, Mark Bamforth, Bettina Brierley from Caldic, our distributor, and Mike Hogg, the Commercial Director of 3RBioRecovery, our integral Supply Chain partner. Together, they provided invaluable insights across three engaging episodes.

You can listen to the podcasts on the Angel Nest Website, or on Spotify below.

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