We are reimagining by-products waste and residues in the circular economy.

By-products, residues 
& waste

Using our unique technology, we take low-value byproducts, residues and wastes from existing local producers like discarded potatoes from agriculture or pot ale and draff from whisky distillers. We ferment them in our biorefinery to make high-value green chemicals, for example:

  • Pot ale, which is a co-product liquid of the malt whisky distilling process.
  • Draff, which is the residual barley left in the distillery pre-fermentation mash-tuns.

Our Lab

24/7 operation

The lab operates 24/7, with a young, diverse multinational team of 10 scientists, analysts and researchers led by Dr Eve Bird who presents regularly at University seminars to look for collaborative opportunities across different scientific disciplines.

Future research

Lab work is focused on future ingredients’ research, culture strain creation and expanding the company’s IP portfolio, as well supporting the optimisation of the manufacturing process being implemented at our Caledon Green plant, and subsequent plants.

IBioIC membership

The Lab is a member of Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC). Dr Eve Bird is a guest lecturer for the centre and also invests time inspiring influencers, providing STEM outreach as a schools’ ambassador and sits on the Strategy Board for Interface funding body which enables business-academic collaborations for economic and societal benefit in Scotland.

We’re leading the green chemical revolution

We’re helping to drive the transition to a Net Zero, Nature Positive World through defossilisation. A world where sustainable, biologically derived green chemicals, produced in harmony with planet earth replace our dependence on fossil-fuel equivalents.