We believe that helping to make the world greener doesn’t have to be at the expense of good profitable businesses.

Caledon Green facility

Our flagship, state-of-the-art commercial processing plant in Grangemouth is Scotland’s first biorefinery. It processes local byproducts residues and waste to produce high value green chemicals – bioacetone, biobutanol and bioethanol – to displace existing fossil-based chemicals.

Build and operations development

Scalable & profitable

Our production process is scalable and profitable and can be implemented anywhere in the world with locally available byproducts, residues and waste from a variety of industries.

We have the expertise

We can provide the technical and commercial know-how, the biorefinery build and operating blueprints and cultivate bespoke fermentation ‘strains’ for opportunities across the globe.

Patented technology

We are committed to innovating, enhancing and optimising our patented technology in terms of science, engineering and manufacturing, to develop world leading biorefineries that will grow local economies and shareholder value.

We’re leading the green chemical revolution

We are helping to drive the transition to a Net Zero, Nature Positive World through defossilisation. A world where sustainable, biologically derived green chemicals, produced in harmony with planet earth replace our dependence on fossil fuel equivalents.